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Distracted Driving Responsible for More Accidents

The Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs have issued a report showing that distracted driving is responsible for an increase in accidents on the Interstate 85 in South Carolina.

According to the report there have been 408 accidents on the Interstate so far this year which involved a vehicle which was stopped. Last year up to the same time, there were 314 accidents involving stopped vehicles which represent an increase of over 30% this year. According to the state Highway Patrol who work on the Interstate daily, the problem is not due to the fact that the vehicles are stopped but that the drivers behind them are too distracted, whether talking on the phone, or texting or changing a CD, and they do not see the stopped vehicle or the congestion ahead in time in order to avoid crashing into them.

Overall so far this year on the I 85 there have been 1,794 accidents resulting in ten deaths when last year there were only four deaths up to the same time.

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