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Toxicology Results show Students Over Legal Alcohol Limit

After consulting with the state attorney general, the Spartanburg County coroner has released the toxicology results of four students who were killed in a crash in October.

Spartanburg County Coroner Rusty Clevenger was asked by some of the victims’ families not to release the results but he decided to having consulted with the state Attorney General who said that on the one hand they should be kept private in the same way as medical records but on the other hand the ruling on privacy did not apply to the coroner’s office.

Horace Miller “Mills” Sproull IV, Joshua Lee, James Campbell, who was driving and Sarah Vande Berg, who were all students at USC Upstate, died in the crash which occurred on Fourth Street near Boiling Springs when their vehicle left the road, hit a tree and burst into flames. Felicia Ahlborg was injured.

Toxicology revealed that Lee, who was in the back seat had a blood-alcohol level of .016 percent, which means he had less than one drink but all of the others were over the legal limit in South Carolina of .08. Back-seat passenger Berg’s blood-alcohol level was .130 percent. Front-seat passenger Sproull’s blood-alcohol level was .126 percent, and the driver, Campbell, had a blood-alcohol level of .122 percent.

The coroner hoped that the results of toxicology would highlight the dangers of drinking and driving.

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